Healthcare Compliance Podcasts Create Learning Opportunities

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Healthcare Compliance Podcasts Create Learning Opportunities

Podcasts are everywhere these days and they’re extremely popular.  Around 68 million Americans listen to podcasts each week and 74% of those podcast users listen to learn something new. In fact, podcast listeners are so enthusiastic that they average 7 different shows per week.  Although the breadth of podcast topics available is vast, our focus is on those generally related to Governance, Risk Mitigation and Compliance (GRC) and Health Law. Podcasts offer an opportunity for experts to collaborate and share information that is easily consumable by professionals anytime and anywhere. They’re a convenient way for a busy healthcare compliance officer to stay up to date while commuting or multi-tasking.

Below are a few of our favorite podcasts covering Healthcare Governance, Risk Mitigation, and Compliance (GRC) and Health Law:

  1. Speaking of Health Law Podcasts AHLA’s podcast offers thoughtful analysis and insightful commentary on the legal and policy issues affecting the American health care system. Episodes feature expert guests and cover a range of important topics.
  1. Compliance Perspectives hosts compliance thought leaders from around the globe. The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and the Health Care Compliance Association will keep you up to date on enforcement trends, current events, and best practices in the compliance and ethics arena. This show isn’t centered on healthcare.  However, it’s interesting and one recent episode covers corporate jets and compliance.
  1. Great Women in Compliance Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine talk with women in compliance who are making a difference. This podcast is part of the Compliance Podcast Network and covers some great basics while answering your most pressing questions.

Of course, the list of informative and enjoyable healthcare compliance podcasts continues to grow, and we can’t include all of them, but our absolute favorite is 1st Talk Compliance hosted by Catherine Short, Partnership Marketing Manager for First Healthcare Compliance. Subscribe on your preferred application and find it on Healthcare Now Radio. During this educational program, Catherine, and her guests discuss the hottest topics, pain points and learning opportunities related to healthcare compliance management in America. Whether you’re wondering about federal fraud and abuse laws, OSHA or human resources compliance tune in to gain insight. We help healthcare compliance officers achieve peace of mind and we’re excited to bring some of the brightest minds together to 1st Talk Compliance!

Do you have a favorite podcast that covers GRC and health law topics?  Please share it below in the comments.

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