What business continuity measures are taken regarding the hosted environment?

Our hosted service provides a resilient and redundant network infrastructure; periodic contingency testing is performed and the disaster recovery plan is tested according to a formal schedule that is audited externally.

What inspired the formation of First Healthcare Compliance?

Founded in 2012 in Wilmington, DE by Julie Sheppard, First Healthcare Compliance, a privately-owned women business enterprise, was created to address the void of healthcare compliance resources available to help physicians in private practice, hospital networks and health systems, healthcare billing companies and skilled nursing facilities comply with federal rules and regulations.

Professionally as a nurse and an attorney, coupled with her personal perspective as a physician’s spouse, Julie identified a widening gap between the expectations of government and the reality of healthcare compliance. Witnessing firsthand the increasing demands and challenges of managing healthcare compliance, her determination to solve this became the impetus of the formation of First Healthcare Compliance.

How has the business and regulatory climate changed for those involved in providing healthcare?

The business and regulatory climate in healthcare has evolved rapidly and become increasingly complex over recent years. Numerous rules, regulations and statutes have come into effect, and continue to change. Keeping pace with this to remain in compliance is a challenge for most healthcare providers.

Why is having a healthcare compliance program important?

Government rules and regulations require healthcare providers to have a compliance program in place. Not having one or having one that is ineffective increases the risk of costs that are economic, reputational and even criminal. An effective healthcare compliance program is important to help them avoid costly penalties, fines or more. Furthermore, it can help increase their staff communication, patient care and even improve the overall bottom line of their business.

How does First Healthcare Compliance help those who provide healthcare address compliance needs?

First Healthcare Compliance improves the way healthcare compliance is managed through innovative technology, thought leadership and resources. We recognize compliance is a dynamic process, one that requires substantial time, energy and resources from healthcare providers and their staff. We help save time, money and resources by providing them with the technology, tools and resources to effectively and efficiently maintain a proactive approach to managing a compliance program.

How is this solution different from others in the market?

The First Healthcare compliance management program is the most comprehensive healthcare compliance solution available on the market. It addresses the compliance program management needs for physicians in private practice, hospital networks and health systems, healthcare billing companies and skilled nursing facilities, and others.

Alternative solutions address specific areas of healthcare compliance. The First Healthcare Compliance solution brings these all together in one place. Clients consistently attest to the value in time and money savings by having all their healthcare compliance management needs met in one place.

Seamless integration
A secure, cloud-based resource serves as the central tool with 24/7/365 access for ensuring all compliance requirements are met and to keep clients abreast of new or changing rules and regulations. HIPAA, OSHA, Employee Training modules and Policies and Procedures templates for customizing also reside here. Sample documents, risk assessments, LEIE screening and much more are integral to the online aspect of the solution saving substantial time and money by having all compliance needs met in a single place. Weekly compliance status reports, webinars, events, articles, white papers and other on-and off-line resources are available to ensure clients remain current and compliant.

Watch a short video:

  • For Physicians in Private Practice
  • For Hospital Networks & Health Systems

Live Support
Coupled with the online component of the solution is live toll-free support each business day from healthcare professionals. Clients attest to the value and high quality of this live support.

Offered on a subscription arrangement, clients share that the time savings gained from using the solution more than pays for the subscription. Furthermore, when considering the cost savings from not having to piece together a compliance management solution with fees from multiple providers, and the potential costs of non-compliance, the savings further add up for clients.

Does this solution have parameters or does it help all those involved in providing healthcare in the US?

The First Healthcare solution helps all those involved in providing national healthcare to develop, implement and effectively manage their ongoing compliance program needs.

How can I learn more about the First Healthcare Compliance solution and how it will help my business?

The best way to learn more is to experience a short, live demonstration (approx. 15 mins.). Please contact us today to request a personal demonstration.

What if some of our healthcare compliance needs are already met?

Implementing and maintaining an effective compliance program is a need shared by all our clients, yet their specific compliance management program requirements differ. To address this, we offer three solutions. Select the right one for your business.

What are the fees for the solution?

Each of our three solution programs is available on a subscription basis according to the number of your full- and part- time employees. A one-time registration fee is initially included.

Is live help inclusive to the program fee?

Yes, toll-free support from our dedicated team of compliance professionals is always included and available every business day.

How do we get started?

Getting started is fast and easy. When you’re ready, an account specialist sends a service agreement and registration form for completion. Once returned, we assign your unique usernames and passwords for all your compliance contacts to have access to the First Healthcare Compliance solution.

Data security is so important, how do you keep our information secure?
The security of your data is our utmost concern.
Centralized Control
All servers are located in physically secure locations within the United States. In addition, our servers are firewall protected and monitored to help protect against security breaches.
Data Security
Account access is granted via unique login credentials and “strong” passwords are enforced. To help secure access to information in your account, login credentials are stored encrypted. The web-based portal is protected by an Extended Validation (EV) secure (SSL) certificate issued by Thawte – one of the world’s leading certification authorities.
Our employees work all shifts. Will your system be available when we need it?

Our system is available 24/7/365. The servers are located in climate-controlled buildings with redundant power and Internet connections. Monitoring servers check the system every 10 minutes to ensure the website is up and running. In addition, any scheduled maintenance requiring the server to be offline is announced in advance to ensure your entire staff has ample notification to plan accordingly.