Question the effectiveness of your facility’s compliance program?

Unsure if you are keeping pace with regulatory changes?

Limited by the time and resources to have a more proactive approach?

Most administrators at long-term care facilities face these same challenges. Maintaining an effective compliance program is a chronic concern, as new laws and regulations keep compliance a moving target. Remaining current often takes too much time, diligence and resources to do cost effectively and efficiently.

It’s not a matter of choice.
It’s mandatory.

All long-term care facilities providing independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or acute care are required to adopt and implement an effective compliance program. Given the widespread and increasing regulatory enforcement scrutiny, failure to implement an effective compliance program increases the risk of costs that are economic, reputational and possibly of criminal nature. A recent example of such enforcement is the $17 Million a Florida Skilled Nursing Facility is paying to resolve False Claims Act allegations. Effectively managing your compliance risk and demonstrating a proactive, pragmatic approach to staying ahead of the regulatory curve is integral to the success of your facility and remains your only option.

Your job is complex and the stakes are high.
We ease your challenges.

First Healthcare Compliance understands your concerns and makes compliance easier by eliminating the challenges of maintaining regulatory compliance. We provide an effective, efficient, flexible, scalable compliance program management solution that provides you with a proactive approach for staying in compliance with all regulatory areas, all from a single platform.

Proven to save time and effort, reduce costs and resources, and easy to use and implement, the First Healthcare Compliance solution is the most comprehensive solution available to address your compliance program management needs. It automates the entire compliance management process, and provides real-time data and reporting to ensure continuous regulatory compliance and access to best practices. Three healthcare compliance solutions are available to select the right one for your skilled nursing facility’s needs.

Long-Term Care Facilities Compliance Solutions

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