Medicine, Mindfulness, & Millennials: Health and Wellness for the Next Generation

Infographic: Joint Commission Survey Agenda
How to Navigate the Ever-Changing Anti-Harassment Regulations

Catherine Short speaks with Charlie Vincent, Executive Director of Spur Impact about the topic of “Medicine, Mindfulness, & Millennials: Health and Wellness for the Next Generation.” We are also pleased to be joined by Kate Smith, Program Manager at Delaware Academy of Medicine, and Jess Ruggieri, health coach at the University of Delaware. As healthcare costs skyrocket, it is increasingly important for millennials to be proactive about their health and wellbeing, and find meaningful ways to integrate healthy habits and preventative measures into their routine as young adults. The Millennial Summit, one of the largest young professionals conferences in the nation, features many speakers and breakout sessions that highlight these issues, and incorporates physical activity into the day of the conference itself. We will discuss preventative healthcare & healthy habits, retention and recruitment of millennials, and ideas and incentives for wellness in the workplace.

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