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HIPAA and Health Apps

Catherine Short chats with Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, principal of Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C., Houston, TX, about the topic of “HIPAA and Health Apps.” As technology evolves and features are adopted by healthcare consumers, so does the need for either new regulations and/or guidance on existing regulations. This radio show

Medicine, Mindfulness, & Millennials: Health and Wellness for the Next Generation

Catherine Short speaks with Charlie Vincent, Executive Director of Spur Impact about the topic of “Medicine, Mindfulness, & Millennials: Health and Wellness for the Next Generation.” We are also pleased to be joined by Kate Smith, Program Manager at Delaware Academy of Medicine, and Jess Ruggieri, health coach at the University of Delaware. As healthcare

Do You Risk Violating HIPAA on Social Media?

As technology continues to evolve, so does social media, with more and more platforms arising for people to communicate – anytime, anyplace to anyone. The increase in social media presence in healthcare creates greater vulnerability toward breaches of patient confidentiality. Here are some tips to avoid violating HIPAA with social media: Do not talk about