Surviving an OCR Audit – Lessons Learned

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Raymond Ribble is the founder of SPHER Inc. and co-founder of Fusion Systems Co., Ltd. Ray leads the SPHER organization as they deliver privacy & security cybersecurity solutions in healthcare. He will lead the presentation Surviving an OCR Audit – Lessons Learned at the upcoming HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit on November 14.

SPHER represents the leading SaaS-based privacy monitoring security solution for HIPAA Compliance, Meaningful Use, and MIPS offering overall protection of patient health information.

Ray participates in a number of healthcare groups, speaks at universities, industry conferences and webinars, while actively contributing to the growing awareness of the need to identify unauthorized access to PHI and breach detection.

With over 25 years in the technology industry, Ray has been involved in delivering solutions for multiple industries from Aerospace with Northrop, to investment banking financial systems in Asia for many of the world’s top banks, to the recent creation of machine learning-based solutions for the US Healthcare markets.

Ray remains active in international businesses and technology communities including: PHI Protection Network, Medical Identity Fraud Alliance, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) as past Co-Chairman of the ICT Committee, the Japan America Society, the YMCA, as well as many charities.

Ray holds a BSc. in Aerospace Technology & Management from Western Michigan University, and completed his advanced Japanese Studies at UCLA.

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