Health Industry Data Protection in the Age of Hardware Hacking

John Shegerian, cofounder and Executive Chairman of ERI, the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States will be leading our webinar. Today, the recycling of end-of-life electronics faces a huge obstacle in the form of digital privacy. Many entities in the world of healthcare – huge multinational corporations, hospital systems and government agencies included – are now faced with major issues pertaining to their electronics for fear that their private or personal data will be compromised. As a result, the recycling of data-storing devices when they are no longer needed has become an issue that transcends environmental responsibility, moving into the realm of privacy and security.

In this inspiring presentation, John Shegerian will discuss how data management in healthcare is at a crossroads of dual responsibility – keep old devices out of landfills WHILE responsibly and efficiently achieving data destruction that meets and exceeds compliance and regulatory goals. It can be done and he’ll explain how.

1. Learn how sustainability goals and data privacy and protection goals need not be mutually exclusive
2. Learn how the data management landscape has dramatically changed in the last few years and what it means in terms of the technology we use (and no longer use)
3. Learn about the data that is stored on end-of-life devices… even after they have been “wiped” clean