7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Healthcare Compliance Software Solution

7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Healthcare Compliance Software Solution

Healthcare Compliance Software

The healthcare industry is highly regulated. If you are out of compliance, there can be steep penalties such as security breaches, fines, and lawsuits. To help healthcare providers and compliance officers follow the rules, healthcare compliance software is a must.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each software program because your healthcare organization is unique. To help you make an informed decision, here are seven factors to consider.

  1. Comprehensiveness 
    Healthcare providers must comply with many different rules and regulations at the state and federal levels. The right healthcare compliance software makes it easy to stay in compliance, providing the software covers HIPAA, OSHA and fraud waste and abuse laws. It should also include resources and sample documents and other necessary features like online employee training.
  2. Updates 
    Your healthcare compliance software should be updated regularly, ideally by subject matter experts like an Editorial Council. This ensures the software is following the latest rules and regulations so your medical practice can be, too! Also, the software should have live support so that someone is available to help if something goes wrong.
  3. Resources 
    A good healthcare compliance program will provide numerous resources that allow you to customize policies and procedures. You should also look for software solutions that remind you of upcoming updates and deadlines to ensure you’re following all the current guidelines.
  4. Documentation 
    Medical record audits can happen at any time, so it’s important to use a healthcare compliance program that facilitates proper documentation of your organization’s compliance efforts. First Healthcare Compliance offers a secure document storage feature with our 1stPremium plan that allows providers to upload, organize and store documents.
  5. Ease of Use 
    It’s also important that your compliance software is easy to use. Look for an all-in-one solution that gives you everything you need to stay in compliance, including expert resources and a top-notch client services team. Healthcare compliance software is designed to solve challenges – not create them!
  6. Cost-Effectiveness 
    In terms of price, find out how much the software will cost your business each month and year, as well as the different packages available. As an example, First Healthcare Compliance has three convenient programs available on a subscription basis with customization to fit your organization’s needs.  It’s easy to add features as you grow, and you only pay for your current needs.
  7. Flexibility 
    Lastly, consider the flexibility of the compliance software. The best programs are fully customizable, allowing them to adapt to any type of organization. Another feature to pay attention to is scalability. As your practice grows, will your compliance software grow with you? It should!

First Healthcare Compliance offers a flexible, scalable, cloud-based software solution for physicians, hospitals, long-term care facilities, billing and management companies, and other healthcare centers. Contact us today to request your free demo.