FTC and Poaching of PHI

The Increasing Role of the Federal Trade Commission in the Poaching of PHI – A Discussion of Better Help, GoodRx & Flo

Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, principal with Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C., Houston, TX will be presenting this informative webinar. Cybersecurity risk management and the potential for enforcement actions is not diminishing. An area of increasing interest by the FTC, the United States DOJ, and Congress is third parties taking sensitive data (especially by social media and search engine giants), including protected health information, without obtaining affirmative patient/consumer consent and benefiting financially. The U. S. Department of HHS, the agency tasked with enforcing HIPAA, also plays a critical role. The purpose of this presentation is to address different federal government initiatives, recent enforcement actions and incidents, and risk mitigation.

Non-Unionized Workers & the NLRA: Q & A

Lauren Moak Russell, Counsel, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, answers some common questions and provides explanations of a few timely topics related to workplace civility, employers, and the National Labor Relations Board.
How to Safeguard Healthcare Business Assets

How to Safeguard Healthcare Business Assets

Expert attorneys Sean McKenna, Lauren Nelson, and Vincent Aiello of Spencer Fane LLP will share their insights in the complementary webinar, Preserving and Protecting Assets In Healthcare on October 13, 12 pm ET.