How to Safeguard Healthcare Business Assets

How New Legislation Impacts Privacy
Automatic Dispensing Cabinets, Patient Care, and Nurse RaDonda Vaught: Audio Version of the Webinar

How to Safeguard Healthcare Business Assets

Expert attorneys Sean McKenna, Lauren Nelson, and Vincent Aiello of Spencer Fane LLP shared their insights in the complementary webinar, Preserving and Protecting Assets In Healthcare recorded on October 13, 2022.

Watch as Sean, Lauren, and Vincent discuss:

  • the interplay between enforcement and liability proceedings with asset protection
  • explore how government and private litigation matters can impact healthcare companies, clinicians, and executives
  • provide tips and preventative strategies to preserve income and assets prior to such action to ensure business continuity and succession planning

Dive deep into learning how to protect your business, yourself, and your family financially in this highly litigious environment. Delve into trusts and other avenues of good planning to protect and preserve your assets long before, if or when any litigation arises. Understand where the government is currently most concerned in enforcement, where are the greatest risks, and what has been the impact of COVID-19. What types of arrangements are viewed as suspect by the government?

Watch Sean, Lauren, and Vincent’s complimentary webinar here.


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