Q&A: Understanding the Healthcare Quality Measurement Data Landscape: “Data is the New Oil”

Reid Kiser is the founder and president of Kiser Healthcare Solutions, LLC presented the webinar “Understanding the Healthcare Quality Measurement Data Landscape: "Data is the New Oil” recently and a recording can now be found on our YouTube Channel.  Reid returned to answer many commonly asked questions on our blog. Why is quality and quality

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Meaningful Use Ends In 2016?

Due to the challenges of implementing Meaningful Use, it is unsurprising the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) is finally rethinking the plan.  The goal of Meaningful Use (MU) to achieve nationwide electronic health record (EHR) interoperability and ultimately improve overall healthcare remains intact. Until further details and a formal announcement, certain steps will

Are you trying to prevent medical identity theft?

Medical identity theft continues to be major problem in the US with approximately 2.32 million adults or close family members falling victim in 2014. According to the Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft by the Ponemon Institute, medical identity theft is on the rise with a 21.7% increase since last year.      

Are you a Meaningful User of the Future?

Since the Electronic Health Records (EHR) incentive program known as Meaningful Use began in 2011, the healthcare community has felt its impact and attempted to meet the increasing obligations. A new language has been created with an alphabet soup of acronyms. Physicians voice concerns that complying with Meaningful Use competes with attention on patients and

Are You Familiar With the New CMS Payment Model?

The new CMS payment model ties reimbursement to value instead of volume. The focus is on developing a payment method based on quality and improvement of the delivery of care. The increasing ability to share information amongst providers, consumers and others, necessitates the dual function of “best possible” decision making and maintaining patient privacy. HHS

Use the Safer Guides to Assess Your EHR Safety

The Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience  (SAFER) Guides developed by the The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology are a great tool to assess the safety of your EHRs.  The self-assessment guides are divided into 3 groups : Foundational, Infrastructure and Clinical Process which are further divided into the following areas

Register For Medicare EHR Incentive by Feb 28th

REGISTER FOR MEDICARE EHR INCENTIVE PROGRAM BY FEBRUARY 28, 2013 Protection of patient privacy and security of patient e-PHi is a requirement of Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record Programs. Your practice must protect the confidentiality,  integrity and availability of your patient’s EHR. Meaningful Use is using certified technology in EHR to engage patients and