Hybrid Patient Care Models: How Medical Practices Thrive After COVID-19

Trevor Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Relatient, presents this informative webinar today. The COVID-19 pandemic complicated healthcare delivery as healthcare organizations limited procedures and in-office visits to essential care only and quickly spun up Telehealth services to treat patients remotely, protecting both patients and staff. Now, as medical practices, hospitals, and health systems have welcomed their patients back, they face new challenges, including increased gaps in care, staying prepared for future disruptions big and small, and meeting new patient expectations that shifted during the pandemic’s crisis points. Hybrid care models are helping medical providers meet the need by combining in-office and Telehealth visits with digital workflows that streamline the patient journey, get patients engaged in their care again, and maintain best practices learned during COVID-19. In this presentation, we’ll take a look at hybrid care models in action, strategies for powering them effectively, and steps for getting started or refining what’s already in place.


1. Identify the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the response from medical providers on patient
2. Evaluate hybrid patient care models, including what they are, why they are needed, and best practices for sustaining them long-term.
3. Offer strategies for implementing a hybrid patient care model in the outpatient setting, including digital workflows that power hybrid care models and leveraging existing patient engagement strategies to further support the model.