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Congratulations to the Compliance Super Ninjas of 2019!

Healthcare Compliance Officers
Healthcare Compliance Officers face tough challenges and play an important role, but often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. These professionals carry responsibility for developing, coordinating, and implementing training programs for all members of the staff. Additional responsibilities may include various screenings of employees and vendors, developing and communicating policies and procedures, assessing and mitigating areas of risk, and monitoring myriad potential problems.

At First Healthcare Compliance we appreciate the opportunity to partner with compliance officers around the country as they strive for success in compliance management. Obviously, perfection isn’t a reasonable goal, but we appreciate those who go above and beyond by bringing their best efforts to the cause. Our client services team recognizes one outstanding user of our compliance management solution each month. According to our client services manager, Desiree Diaz, “we look for individuals who are really engaged and working toward best practices for their organization”.

Compliance Super Ninja’s receive a certificate, a swag bag, and bragging rights of being featured in our monthly digital magazine, CONNECT.

Congratulations to the Compliance Super Ninjas of 2019!

  • Arturo Rocha, Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics
  • Melissa Hartig, Austin Retina Associates
  • Gina Klepadlo, Thorp Bailey Weber Eye Associates, Ltd.
  • Nicole Schumacher, Alexiou Hearing & Sinus Center/Harrisonburg Dermatology
  • Michael Wolf, Total Care Physicians,
  • David Doyle, Coronis Health LLC
  • Paulette Hunt, Bayside Allergy, P.C.
  • Pamela Setufe, Gonzaba Medical Group
  • Bryanna Pataky, Northern Physicians Organization
  • Wendy Vleck, Asthma & Allergy Associates
  • Keila Almanzar, El Paso Pulmonary Association
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