Overwhelmed by compliance? Feeling always one step behind the current regulations? Too much to do, too little time, not enough resources?

You’re not alone.

Most physicians in private practice, hospitals and those in Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) face these challenges. Training employees, preparing for reviews and audits, staying current with ever-changing regulations take too much time, diligence and resources.

Despite this, medical practices, hospitals and ACOs of all sizes are still subject to increasing regulatory scrutiny. Multiple complex regulations further the risk of costs that are economic, reputational and possibly of criminal nature. With federal and state agencies enforcing significant penalties for non-compliance, ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance remains a primary concern for private healthcare practices and Accountable Care Organizations.

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Easing the challenges of healthcare compliance

First Healthcare Compliance understands your concerns and eliminates them by providing a cost-effective, time-efficient, flexible, scalable compliance program management solution for your private practice or ACO to ensure compliance in all regulatory areas, all in one place. Our clients eagerly share how the First Healthcare Compliance solution has helped them.

Proven to save time and money, easy to use and implement, the First Healthcare Compliance solution is the most comprehensive solution available to address the compliance program management needs of private practices and Accountable Care Organizations. Three healthcare program management solutions are available to select the right one for your needs.

Select the right healthcare compliance management solution to meet your private practice needs.

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