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Our leadership team has published several articles in national and local publications, and we are excited to share them with you as an additional resource here.

New DOJ Guidance on Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs
BC Advantage Magazine- September/October 2019

5 Benefits of Automating Incident Management in Healthcare
Pennsylvania MGMA’s PA Pulse e-Newsletter – February 2019

4 Laws that Impact Drug Testing of Healthcare Employees
BC Advantage Magazine, September/October 2018

HIPAA: Handling Patient Requests for Medical Record Restriction
BC Advantage Magazine, September/October 2018

The Marijuana Law Trend and Resulting Impact on Healthcare Providers
Compliance Today – April 2017

Marijuana Laws Create Haze Around Policies
Provider Magazine – April 2017

Utilizing a Performance Improvement Plan at Your Practice
Physicians Practice – September 2016

Policies Should Reflect The Changing Law Landscape
Provider Magazine – August 2016

Protect Nursing Staff from Harassment

Advanced Healthcare Network – July 2016

New DOJ Investigative Measures Target Individuals for Corporate Misconduct: The Yates Memo
Louisiana Nursing Home Association – February 2016

Protecting the Patient’s Rights – Privacy When Responding to Subpoenas for Medical Records
BC Advantage Magazine – January/February 2016

DOJ Initiative Targets Employees For Misconduct
Provider Magazine – January 2016

Is Your Practice HIPAA Compliant When Responding To Subpoenas For PHI?
The PAHCOM Journal – January/February 2016

Due Diligence is Essential When Responding to Subpoenas for PHI
Long-Term Care News – November 2015

Complying with the Hazard Communication Standard
MGMA Connection magazine – September 2014

Compliance Challenges with Electronic Health Records
BC Advantage Magazine

Creating a Culture of Compliance
BC Advantage Magazine – April/May 2014

Get to Know the Five Most Important Federal Fraud and Abuse Laws Applying to Physicians…
BC Advantage Magazine – February/March 2014

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense
PAHCOM – January/February 2014

What Is the LEIE and What Does it Mean to Your Practice?
BC Advantage Magazine – December/January 2014

HIPAA Compliance: Do you know who your business associates are?
Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP) – September 2013

Medical Office Manager October 2013

The HIPAA Final Rule Enforcement Date is September 23, 2013. Is Your Notice of Privacy Practices Ready?
DelFamDoc – page 18

Is Your Practice Prepared for the New Omnibus Rule?
BC Advantage Magazine – August/September 2013

The False Claims Act: What to Know, What to Do
BC Advantage Magazine – October/November 2013

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