Recognizing & Defusing Aggressive Behavior Before Violence Erupts

Active Shooter in the Healthcare Facility
Infographic: Get Rid of PHI Securely

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Steven S. Wilder, BA, CHSP, STS, Senior Consultant & COO of Sorensen, Wilder & Associates for an interactive discussion on “Recognizing & Defusing Aggressive Behavior Before Violence Erupts.” As acts of violence against healthcare workers continues to increase at epidemic rates, every healthcare worker must be trained to recognize and defuse aggression before they become a victim of violence.

Educational Objectives:
1. Identify six common changes in behavior a person commonly goes through from “Calm” to “Physically Violent”
2. For each of these behaviors, identify proven deescalants that can be used to restore a state of calm
3. Explain the techniques used in the triangle approach to verbal de-escalation

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