Coronavirus and Its Impact on HIPAA, Telecommuting, and Patient Care

In 2014, our presenter, Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, a Houston-based attorney who also teaches bioethics to medical students at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas), wrote an article, Ebola Misdiagnosis Raises Liability Concerns and was quoted by MedPage Today as an expert in the article Point of Contention: The Law and Ebola Quarantines – How might court actions on the Ebola quarantines affect public health? Today’s webinar focuses on Coronavirus pandemic and its application to HIPAA, Telecommuting and Force Majeure provisions. The particular areas, which will be covered are as follows: (1) brief overview of the Coronavirus, quarantine and the allocation of resources from a bioethics perspective; (2) HIPAA – Privacy and Security Rule Requirements; (3) teleworker requirements; & (4) force majeure contractual provisions. At the end of this one-hour program, participants should have a semblance of the following: 1. HIPAA – the parameters of disclosing a coronavirus diagnosis, as well as maintaining Privacy Rule and Security Rule compliance when requiring employees or contractors to work from home; 2. Force majeure contractual clauses and potential interpretations during a pandemic; and 3. Government mandated quarantine – individual rights versus public health, as well as the allocation of resources.