Biden First 100 Days Webinar

Employment & Labor Law in the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

Catherine Walters, Partner at BYBEL RUTLEDGE LLP is a management-side labor and employment attorney representing employers of all sizes and will be presenting this timely webinar. A new President and a new DOL promise major changes for both employers and employees. We will discuss anticipated labor and employment policy changes under the new Biden Administration, including changes already in effect and changes yet to come. Topics will include President Biden’s recent Executive Orders impacting the workplace, anticipated changes in the wage and hour arena (such as revisions to the joint employer and independent contractor rules, increase in the minimum wage and other wage issues), OSHA and workplace safety, coronavirus and the workplace, paid leave laws, the renewed focus on equal pay, pregnancy discrimination and family- friendly legislation, and major revamps of labor policy and rules under the new Labor Secretary, Marty Walsh.

This webinar will cover the following objectives:

1. Alert employers, specifically government contractors, to changes already made via Presidential Executive
2. Alert employers to anticipated changes in labor and employment policy
3. Provide employers with tools to plan for anticipated changes