Safe Harbor Law 2023

The Safe Harbor Law: A Practical Approach – Audio Version of the Webinar

Raymond Ribble is the CEO and Founder at SPHER, Inc. a market-leading compliance analytics, cyber-security solution addressing: HIPAA compliance, State Privacy Laws, and ePHI security threats and our expert presenter for this webinar. HIPAA data breach penalties typically get measured in millions of dollars even following an organization implementing NIST cybersecurity framework measures. With the new HIPAA Safe Harbor Law, signed last January of 2021, HHS and OCR may consider increased penalty mitigation when an organization can demonstrate it has been following established good security practices for a period greater than 12 months.

It is important to understand that the Safe Harbor Law, while offering substantial protection, does not provide a true safe harbor. Safe harbor laws normally shield an entity from liability when the criteria are met, however the new HIPAA Safe Harbor Law only offers some protection. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) may consider whether a covered entity had implemented certain technical safeguards for 12 months. where appropriate, it allows OCR leniency in assessing the breach.
Our presentation will examine what are the established security practices for healthcare, and how to pivot your organization’s security profile in order to mitigate breach penalties in the event of an event.

This webinar will cover the following objectives:

1. What is the HIPAA Safe Harbor Law (Previously HR-7898)
2. Where can I find support
3. Demonstrating Compliance