Labor and Employment Update 2022

Employment and Labor Law Round-up With 2022 Forecast and Other HOT Topics

Catherine Walters, partner at BYBEL RUTLEDGE LLP, management-side labor and employment attorney representing employers of all sizes, will be presenting this timely webinar. During 2021 as the COVID pandemic raged on and the new Administration faced unprecedented challenges, extensive changes occurred in the employment and labor law landscape, and even more extensive changes are anticipated for 2022. This program will provide a quick update of 2021's most important developments and forecast what employers can expect in 2022. Attend this program to catch up on the Biden Administration's progress on its labor agenda, relevant Supreme Court decisions and how they affect employers, DOL agency activities, issues to worry about in 2022 and other hot topics, including OSHA, vaccination rules/policies, wage and hour issues, remote workplace tips, cannabis, restrictive covenants, to name a few.
The Intersection Between HIPAA, Cybersecurity, & Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The Intersection Between HIPAA, Cybersecurity, & Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, a Principal with Rachel V. Rose –…
CANDOR webinar

Medical Error, CANDOR/candor, and Patient Advocacy

Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD, CHC, CCEP, Consultant and Patient Advocate with Medical Legal Patient Advocacy Inc. will lead this webinar to review medical error and provide an approach to harmed patients. The CANDOR program of Communication and Optimal Resolution will be explained. CANDOR is well established and has been successfully adopted by many medical centers. Without CANDOR in place, patients may benefit from the use of the principles and the help of a board-certified patient advocate.

Q&A: COVID-19: Workplace Safety, OSHA Training Updates, and Return to Work Issues

Jennifer Gimler Brady, Partner at Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP presented the timely and informative webinar COVID-19: Workplace Safety, OSHA Updates, and Return to Work Issues. Jennifer returned to answer many commonly asked questions.
Whistleblower Laws

Intro to Whistleblower Laws

Shauna Itri, Partner at Seeger Weiss LLP will lead the presentation Intro to Whistleblower Laws at the Healthcare Compliance Symposium 2021 on April 22, 2021.