Healthcare’s Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Imperative

Catherine Short converses with Bob Chaput, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Clearwater, a provider of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management software and consulting services, on the topic of “Healthcare’s Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Imperative.” Healthcare organizations continue to see escalating numbers of cyberattacks. It is no longer a matter of if your organization will be targeted, but when. What is at stake? Everything. Patient lives are at risk when their medical record data is changed by a hacker or encrypted by a ransomware attack. The confidentiality of patient information is at risk, as is evident from the hundreds of data breaches that make headlines each year. The financial well-being of your organization is at risk, not only from regulatory fines and penalties, but also from legal fees, settlements, and the damage to your organization’s reputation.

In his new book Stop the Cyber Bleeding, cyber risk management expert Bob Chaput cuts through the jargon to provide timely and practical cyber risk management guidance for healthcare organization leaders. During this episode, he will share some of the key insights from the book and discuss how to establish, implement, and mature an Enterprise Cyber Risk Management (ECRM) program. Today, we will work to understand that cyberattacks have become not just a compliance and information security matter for healthcare organizations but also a patient safety concern and likely soon a medical professional liability concern as well, articulate the relationship between confidentiality, integrity and availability of healthcare data, systems, and devices and core healthcare tenets of access to care, quality care and timely care, discover ways in which you can better engage senior leaders in the effort to build an Enterprise Cyber Risk Management program.