Navigating COVID and Preparing for Reentry to the Workplace

Patricia Clendening, President of HR Strategies, LLC will lead this informative presentation that will help your organization navigate the current pandemic as well as prepare for reentry to the new normal. The topics that will be covered are:
COVID’s Impact on your Business We have FFCRA, now what? OSHA Compliance
Preparing for Reentry Unemployment Highlights
ADA & HIPAA Compliance Best Practices

1. COVID’s Impact on your business
2. COVID”S Impact on the business if an owner becomes incapacitated.
3. Preparing for reentry – what is included or needs to be addressed before fully opening up businesses should include: preplanning, general requirements, cubicles and offices, bathrooms, common areas, mailrooms, kitchens, elevators and policies that may need to be modified or added to your handbook.