Hardware Hacking Trends – The Insecurity of Everything

John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Chairman/CEO of ERI and co-author of the cybersecurity book, “the Insecurity of Everything” will be presenting a talk about cybersecurity titled “The Insecurity of Everything: How Hardware Data Security is Becoming the Most Important Topic in the World” and will share some of the latest information about the very real problem of hardware hacking in the world of healthcare and beyond and how that issue became even more serious during the pandemic, with so many people working from home. He will also be explaining critical information for health-related businesses to help them keep their private data – and the data of their patients and customers – protected!

This webinar will cover the following objectives:

1. Learning about the regulatory issues regarding personal and patient data
2. Learning about how to manage the data kept on devices at the end-of-life of those devices
3. How to protect against hardware hackers